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Legal representation in South Carolina family courts and before the LLR licensing boards. 

Client Testimonials

Great clients make me a great attorney!

I’ll continue to sing your praises and send you business as long as you remain in practice.

  • Jessica

Suzanne is great to work with. With flat rate fees, I don’t feel like I’m being nickel and fined for every email I send asking questions. I never felt like she was getting annoyed or frustrated with my inquiries, and she always responded promptly.

  • Teresa

Suzanne is down to earth and amazing! I met her and knew she was perfect for the job!

  • Lucy

Ms. Hawkins has represented me well. I have found her to be quite bright and talented in her work. She's a very good listener, she does not over speak, but she says the right things at the right times. She does exactly what she says she is going to do. And she does all of it with heart and sincerity.

  • Will

Suzanne was fantastic. She was quick to respond to my emails and very helpful in addressing all my questions and concerns. She made my divorce process easy and painless. I would highly recommend her to any friend or family member.

  • Anonymous

Suzanne was the calming force throughout a difficult divorce. She always returned my emails promptly and had a ready solution at hand. If it wasn’t for Suzanne, I don’t think my divorce would have been finalized.

  • Beth


Suzanne is a solo attorney, affiliated with Duff Freeman Lyon, LLC, PO Box 1486, Columbia, SC 29202

3700 Forest Drive, Suite 201, Columbia, SC 29204

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