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Legal representation in South Carolina family courts and before the LLR licensing boards. 

Your Best Defense is a former LLR Prosecutor

We can defend you in all disciplinary and licensing issues before any of the LLR boards.

If you've received a letter from an LLR investigator that a complaint has been filed against you, or from a board administrator about a licensing issue, talking with an experienced attorney is an important first step. Suzanne was a prosecutor at LLR for 5 1/2 years and has extensive knowledge of the system and processes. We can also appeal a decision by your licensing board.

A prompt and effective response is important to your case—there are usually important deadlines. Schedule your own in-person or phone consultation for your license issue here


Suzanne is an attorney with Duff & Childs, LLC, PO Box 1486, Columbia, SC 29202

3700 Forest Drive, Suite 404, Columbia, SC 29204

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