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Family Law

If You Have a Case in Family Court, You’re Going Through One of the Worst Times of Your Life

You need an attorney who will be your partner in working toward what YOU want for your family.

We can help you with any issue in family court, including:

  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Modification of Custody or Visitation Orders
  • Enforcement of Prior Orders 

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We will move your case systematically, first assessing your situation, then developing your goals, and doing what's necessary to get you there.

The first step is an in-person meeting to discuss your options and the process. 

To schedule a consultation, click here. Initial consultations are offered for a fee of $200. 

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Custody & Special Needs

Parents of children with special needs need a special attorney

You need an attorney who understands that custody and visitation issues are intertwined with the needs of the child.

Suzanne has worked as both a parent attorney and a school district attorney and has extensive experience reviewing and analyzing educational evaluations and IEPs. Therefore, we can help ensure that the family court judge and Guardian ad Litem understand your child's needs and how that impacts the custody and visitation decision.

Suzanne is also available for training of, and consultation with, parents, attorneys, and Guardians ad Litem regarding the intersection of special needs and custody and visitation.

Schedule an in-person consultation now  to ensure that your custody and visitation arrangement is designed with your child's needs in mind.  

LLR Defense

Your Best Defense is a former LLR Prosecutor

We can defend you in all disciplinary and licensing issues before any of the LLR boards.

If you've received a letter from an LLR investigator that a complaint has been filed against you, or from a board administrator about a licensing issue, talking with an experienced attorney is an important first step. Suzanne was a prosecutor at LLR for 5 1/2 years and has extensive knowledge of the system and processes. We can also appeal a decision by your licensing board.

A prompt and effective response is important to your case—there are usually important deadlines. Schedule your own in-person or phone consultation for your license issue here

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Want in? The first step is an in-person consult! Schedule yourself here.